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Robby does a great job of making everyone at any ability level feel very welcome. His musical expertise and ability to teach with an encouraging and positive attitude along with some fun humor has made MLD a great experience and musical community for me! Chris

We offer private music lessons and classes in Denver that are both ENGAGING and RELEVANT! Our mission is to ignite passions, inspiring and fostering a lifelong love of playing music. Our music lessons give you the tools you need to be a great musician and live a Musical Life.

When Marie started taking lessons, she was worried she would be forced to play classical piano at a recital...what we got couldn't have been more different. She started right away playing "Imagine" by John Lennon and "Learn On Me" by Bill Withers - some of my and now her favorite artists! What really got her going though was Anthony's (her teacher) willingness to explore all kinds of music - new music she loves that I haven't even heard of. Now she is playing not only piano, but also the electric keyboard and synthesizer. On top of that, she has been learning how to write and record her own music. She spends so much time on her keyboard at home I sometimes have to tell her to stop and go to bed (never a problem I had when I was taking piano as a child!) If you are skeptical or unsure about piano lessons for your child, I highly recommend giving Musical Life a try. -Sue Morgan

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My children, Greg (9) and Alina (11) LOVE their lessons with Nick. Alina has been at it for 4 years, and Greg just 1 so far. It makes me so happy to see them enjoying playing their guitars! Nick is the best, and Alina is even doing rock band now. Seeing her playing on stage under the lights was a game-changer, and the kids even play together...sometimes...which I never thought would happen. -Amy Pierce