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Drum Lessons in Denver

James LOVES his lessons with Calvin. I was skeptical about drums at first, especially the noise, but we ended up getting an electric kid (Calvin helped guide us through the whole buying process) which James can use with headphones! James loves practicing Imagine Dragons, 21 Pilots, and is now getting into some of the music I grew up with (not giving away my age today!) I'm pleasantly surprised at how much James wants to practice on his own. I never have to force him, and I give ALL the credit to Calvin for inspiring him. This is hands down the best drum lessons/instruction in Denver! -Pattie K

In-person or online, hip-hop beat master to stadium rocker,  Musical Life Denver offers drum lessons in Denver to everyone. Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned player looking to refine your skills, our amazing instructors will help you on your journey!


Our custom, in-house teaching method involves a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the drumming, taught through a diverse curriculum of music we all love. Variety is the spice of life, at Musical Life Denver, you or your child will be exposed to a wide range of music that will be sure to inspire growth and FUN.


Musical Life Denver drum students range from kids to adults, and beginner all the way through advanced. They all have one thing in common, they LOVE to practice and show up to their lessons with a smile on their face, ready to enjoy playing music!

How we are different from other drum lessons in Denver?

Most drum teachers and programs have been unchanged since the 1960s, literally. They follow a standard “method” book and lack vitality and relevance to what really moves and motivates students. At Musical Life, our drum curriculum combines the technical and foundational elements of method learning with MUSIC that students actually love and listen to. We believe variety is the spice of life, and at MLD, we use a well-rounded curriculum that touches on every style, genre, and era to make sure students can play and appreciate a wider scope of musical expression. However, that’s not all. We also have a HUGE focus on applied learning, aka, playing music with others. Whether it is the weekly jam sessions (included in all private lesson packages), our epic concert events, or one of our live bands, playing and sharing music-making with others is the KEY to longer-term enjoyment and fulfillment as a musician. This takes what happens in the lessons into the real world, and guides students into a life filled with musical activity and connection - isn’t that the whole point after all?

Musical Life Denver's Philosophy

We know through extensive experience that playing music with other people –either in our jam sessions (included with our private lesson packages) or in one of our live concerts– gives students the highest levels of improvement, enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment. This is so important for self-motivation when learning how to play. In addition to focusing on the individual instrument of your choice, we also focus on giving our students opportunities to play music with others, and ultimately express themselves on stage in one of our many performances. Our concerts are fun, rowdy, and real...none of this stodgy recital stuff from the past!

What you will learn in Drum Lessons?

Musical Life Denver drum students learn not only how to play the drum set, but how to ENJOY playing music in their daily lives. Students will be guided through a structured foundation of the drums, but more importantly, they will be shown how, what, and when to practice, and what being a fun-loving music maker looks like. Yes - they will learn technique and theory, but they will also learn to play the songs and music they love; music that has become the soundtrack of all of our lives. Most importantly, however, they will gain a lifelong confidence that will permeate everything they do, and a sense of self-assuredness that they can learn and achieve whatever they set their minds to.

Who are the Drum Instructors

The drum teachers at MLD have all been through an extensive certification program and are constantly refining their skills on a weekly basis through ongoing training, teacher to teacher review, and owner to teacher evaluation. Our instructors actually LIVE "the musical life" and are all pursuing their own music, whether solo, in bands, or producing music online. The number one thing that separates our teachers is the commitment to excellence and GROWTH, and never being satisfied until the student is moving forward, with a smile!

Who Is the ideal Student

The MLD staff is great at teaching everyone from complete beginners all the way up to advanced level adults who truly want to pursue music as a career and everything in between. Students as young as 8 years old can start the private drum lessons program. (for students under 8 please check out our KIDZROCK program.)

Our Denver Drum Lesson Programs

At Musical Life Denver, drum learning is broken down into four main pillars that are easy to understand, fun and rewarding. This approach is accessible for students of all ages and ability levels, so there’s no need to worry about not being able to accomplish your goals. Students use a proven curriculum to learn technique and theory; they also use songs that they know and love so that they can actively apply what they have studied.