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Voice Lessons in Denver

Sophie has always loved to sing, but ever since starting lessons at MLD, singing has become her life! She went from singing only when she thought no one was around, to now having the confidence to sing in front of family and friends. Ever since she did the concert last December, she has had a whole new attitude and I just love seeing her smile and be confident in her own skin. I cannot thank MLD enough for giving that to her. I'm a proud Momma! -Gloria Martinez

In-person or online, our instructors at Musical Life Denver will help you or your child gain the skills and confidence needed to “take it to the stage” – whether that is a concert stage or just the family room.


Our students learn all the fundamentals and techniques needed to sing like Adelle, Christina, Rod Stewart, or Bruno Mars. They will be guided through a combination of exercises and drills designed to improve vocal range, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation, and much, much more.


Develop your own unique voice with our expert voice teachers, or learn to sound like your favorite recording artist.  We also provide a TON of opportunities for students to perform in public through our jam sessions and epic concert events. Whatever the goal, we’ll help you or your child learn how to sing in a fun yet structured way!

What you will learn

Students enrolled in our voice lessons in Denver learn the proper techniques and theories connected with singing. You also study tone, posture, breath control, pitch control, good practice habits, and stage presence. The best part? Apply all of this when singing the songs you know and love!

​How Are We Different from Other Voice Lessons in Denver?

Most vocal teachers and programs have been unchanged since the 1960s, literally. They follow a standard “method” book and lack vitality and relevance to what really moves and motivates students. At Musical Life, our vocal curriculum combines the technical and foundational elements of method learning with MUSIC that students actually love and listen to. We believe variety is the spice of life, and at MLD, we use a well-rounded curriculum that touches on every style, genre, and era to make sure students can play and appreciate a wider scope of musical expression. However, that’s not all. We also have a HUGE focus on applied learning, aka, singing and performing with others. Whether it is the weekly jam sessions (included in all private lesson packages), our epic concert events, or one of our live bands, singing and sharing music-making with others is the KEY to longer-term enjoyment and fulfillment as an artist. This takes what happens in the lessons into the real world, and guides students into a life filled with musical activity and connection - isn’t that the whole point after all? ​

​What age is the best age to start voice lessons?

Anyone who has a desire to sing, anyone who loves singing is welcome to our voice lessons! 6 years old is a good age to start, but we teach students of all ages and abilities. Our students love to practice singing and really enjoy getting to exercise their vocal chords.

​Our Philosophy

We know from extensive experience that singing with other people –either in concerts or with bands– gives students the highest levels of enjoyment. It also offers a real sense of accomplishment. This is essential for self-motivation when learning how to sing. In addition to focusing on the genre of your choice, we also focus on performances.

​Who are the Voice Instructors?

The vocal teachers at MLD have all been through an extensive certification program and are constantly refining their skills on a weekly basis through ongoing training, teacher to teacher review, and owner to teacher evaluation. Our instructors actually LIVE "the musical life" and are all pursuing their own music, whether solo, in bands, or producing music online. The number one thing that separates our teachers is the commitment to excellence and GROWTH, and never being satisfied until the student is moving forward, with a smile!

​Our Denver Voice Lesson Programs

The Musical Life’s voice program ensures that all students - from beginning to advanced - will master all of the techniques needed to enjoy singing. All students use a proven method book that helps guide students to success. Fun quizzes are also used to reinforce progress, making sure that a student’s learning is both on track and enjoyable. ​