Jake Glaza

Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and Kidzrock Instructor in Denver

Jake has had a love and passion for music since a very young age, and as a kid taught himself to sing, play piano, guitar, drums, bass, and ukulele. He started performing in middle school as a singer/guitarist in a punk-rock band with friends. Jake was involved in many music activities/groups all throughout high school.

Jake received an Associates Degree from a music-intensive program at Southwestern Community College. After that, he studied Music Education and Voice at the University of Iowa and received a Bachelor’s Degree. After college, he and his wife moved to the Denver area to pursue a career in music education.

Jake has a hugely diverse taste in music, and some of his favorite artists include Fiona Apple, The White Stripes, Frank Ocean, and Radiohead. Besides music, Jake enjoys Cooking, reading, hiking, and hanging out with his pets. Some of his favorite movies are Inside Out, Groundhog Day, and Hugo.

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