Ross Sandlin

Bass, Production, Guitar, Ukulele Instructor

Ross picked up his first guitar in 8th grade, and never put it down. Throughout highschool, Ross played in garage bands, and studied theory, choir and bass in school. In his early college years, he won a contest and was able to perform on stage with Les Claypol of Primus. It was after that experience he switched to a music major and transferred to Santa Fe University of Art and Design where he studied performance, production, and composition and played in a handful of groups, such as the jazz ensemble, Middle Eastern ensemble, percussion ensemble and West African percussion ensemble.

Post college, Ross moved to Denver to pursue performing in the jam band scene. Since arriving in Denver, he has been teaching and playing in a ton of different bands, and has performed at notable colorado venues such as Cervantes, The Fox Theatre, The Denver Botanic Gardens, and more.

Some of Ross’s favorite artists include: House of Waters, Snarky Puppy, Robert Glasper & Sting – cause bass is awesome! When he is not doing music, he enjoys video Gaming, cooking/eating, hiking, and playing with animals. Two of his favorite movies are Star Wars and Alien.