Mom's Play in the Day ®

Guitar class in Denver designed exclusively for MOMS

"Had a blast! Great music selection and very easy to join right in with talented, fun musicians no matter your level of expertise." - Jessica

Finally, a daytime class for you to unwind, de-stress, and play some guitar and sing some songs! After yoga and before you pick up the kids, do something nice for yourself.

Total Beginner (101)

Mondays at 11am-12pm starting January 7th- February 25 – $250 total!

  • Learn the basics of the guitar; how to hold the instrument, using a pick, how to pluck strings, how to fret notes, basic riffs and chords
  • Learn how to play open chords, read guitar tabs, and play songs you love
  • Gain an understanding of basic musical concepts such as pitch, tone, rhythm, harmony, etc.
  • 8 week class, all materials provided

Not So Beginner and Intermediate (102)

Tuesdays at 11am to 12pm starting January 7th. $120 per month

  • Learn how to play TONS of your favorite songs
  • Learn how to blend into a group jam setting, and general music etiquette
  • Learn how to “arrange” music so that it is playable in different configurations and instrumentations
  • Just dang play! Sing. Laugh. It’s a blast